Welcome to the Dominican Sisters of Hope

In the beginning, the love between the Creator and the Word gave breath to the Spirit. From this love came creation, human history, the many traditions by which we have lived together on this Earth. Out of a developing spirituality of the interdependence of all creation, we Dominican women respond to the needs of our time:

We live the Gospel mandate to minister to and with the economically poor and marginalized. We choose a simple lifestyle and make ministerial choices that affirm, respect and call forth each sister’s gifts and talents.

We choose ways that will enable us in relation with others to discover, develop and affirm the feminine in ourselves, others and the world.

Our developing spirituality of interdependence with all of creation challenges us to study and address local environmental issues and to work for systemic change.

 We, Dominican Sisters of Hope,  are called to preach the Gospel to   the world. In communion with all creation, we commit our lives   to the transforming power of Hope.