Prayer in Response to the Tragedy in Newtown, CT

Prayer in Response to the Tragedy in Newtown, CT

We wish to invite all who visit this website to join with us in praying for the victims of the recent tragedy in Newtown, CT.  Many of our members spent much of their lives in classrooms and schools. Quite naturally our hearts go out to the families of the children and the teachers whose anticipation of Christmas was suddenly shattered by such unexplainable and unthinkable violence.  As we pray for their consolation, let us also pray that these little children can lead us to a new accountability and fresh dialogue about the influences that surround our lives:  the proliferation of violence in our society, the scarcity of attention and resources for addressing the real needs of the mentally ill or emotionally disturbed, and our oftentimes failure to dialogue in order to promote the common good.  May these little children remind us to live by those rules we all learned in Kindergarten.  Let us find in this tragedy a call to a return to innocence, a determination to promote love and kindness in relationships on all levels: in families, in communities, among all religions and nations, in relation to Earth and all her creatures.  May we join in prayer that our world may truly experience in Jesus the Light that has come into the world, that shines in the darkness, that the darkness cannot overpower.  (Jn. 1, 4-5)

Gracious God,

we pray for all families

affected by the recent tragedy

at Sandy Hook Elementary School and Newtown, CT.

In the midst of such darkness,

we long for a Christmas Star

to once more appear to guide us

into the light that will bring healing and peace.

Renew our world with the Hope that transcends all darkness,

the Hope that is your promise of Life that prevails,

the Hope that assures us that nothing is beyond the reach of your Love.

We ask this through our Emmanuel, God-with-us.  Amen.