Join Us in Celebrating Our Jubilarians!

These twenty sisters have been Dominican Sisters for sixty and seventy years; join us in thanking them for their lives of ministry.


2016 Jubilarians

This past weekend, as we gathered for assembly, we had the honor of celebrating our Jubilarians. These twenty sisters have been Dominican Sisters for sixty and seventy years; they are nurses, teachers, singers, activists, and more. See a name you recognize? We have already profiled many sisters below! Click a sister’s name to see articles about her on our site. If the name of a sister isn’t click-able, stay tuned! We’ll have more info on her soon.

Join us in thanking these sisters for their lives of ministry in the comments below!

Seventy-Year Jubilarians:

Sister Janice Dionne
Sister Doris McKernan
Sister Mary Carolyn Meehan
Sister Mary Ellen Wisner

Sixty-Year Jubilarians:

Sister Lorraine Beauchesne
Sister Barbara Langlois
Sister Marion Michael Beagen
Sister Brigid Kelly
Sister Eileen Breen
Sister Ann Victor Mazza
Sister Roberta Ann Bucci
Sister Margaret O’Henley
Sister Mary Martin Delahanty
Sister Arlene Oswald
Sister Barbara Farley
Sister Monica Socinski
Sister Barbara Hamilton
Sister Mary Rita Sweeney
Sister Patricia Jelly
Sister Joan Ruth Whittle


Sisters process into their Jubilee mass


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Written by Gina Ciliberto

There are 5 comments

  • Sister Monica Socinski,OP says:

    To Gina Ciliberto: How about posting some of the Jubilarians and see what the active Jubilarian Sisters are doing in their various ministries at the age of eighty plus! You may be surprised pleasantly at the energy we have left for the Mission! Check out the list of the Diamond Jubilarians!

    • Hi Sister Monica! Thanks so much for this suggestion! I’ve already obtained “files” of sisters’ volunteer ministries; my next step is to reach out one-on-one. Expect a call from me in the coming days/weeks. I can’t wait to hear more about what you’re doing!

  • Bunny Bailey says:

    When I was 7-9 years old I couldn’t make up my mind if I lost my parents, where would I want to live? Should it be at the convent, St Mary’s in Gloucester, NJ. with my favorite teaching nuns, or with Roy Rogers. Lucky for me, nothing happened and ” there was no place like home “. Thank you sisters.

  • Kevin Larkin says:

    Gina, I am very glad to have found this article since I was a student of one of these nuns. Sister Mary Rita Sweeney was the principal at the elementary school my older brother & I attended in Fairfield, CT. My brother is 30 now and is married and expecting his first child while I am 27 and a teacher myself. I taught this past school year at the same elementary school I went to that sister was the principal back in the 1990’s. She was always such a kind and compassionate woman and was well respected by everyone in the school community. She was very missed when she retired and I am glad she is doing well! May God bless her!

  • Carol Marris says:

    Memory is such a wonderful gift from God.
    I was a Newburgh Dominican from 1969-1972.
    What wonderful memories I have of those years.
    So many of these names and faces I remember..
    some I had the joy to live with and think of them
    often….Today being the feast of St. Dominic I wish
    all of you God’s continual blessings..
    Carol Ann Marris
    Sister Joseph Ann

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