Taming the Monsters

Children, of course, are afraid of the dark. What about adults? What manages our monsters and how do we navigate our darkness?

Church: A Personal History

This church knows that God’s name is Mercy and that every holy group, whether its nickname is Jewish, Muslim, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Lutheran, ...

Solving Our Century

Our new century is also a mosaic to be solved, isn’t it? What picture is emerging?

The Roots of Hope

Don’t the roots of Hope live and grow strong in the shadows when nothing is clear? And isn’t Christmas not only the holy reminder of what was but...

Pope Francis and Mercy

Pope Francis is about mercy. And mercy has often been poorly served in the Church.

Thoughts about Calendars

But . . . if dying were the final end, if berries were not born from the death of flowers, if swimmers and surfers were not—at this very moment of p...

Connections in Unexpected Places

The ideas and intuitions of volunteer speakers at a non-profit convention might casually underscore a real connection between spirituality and science...

The Story of a Volunteer

Rodney found us as a result of an 80 e-mail search for a director by our chorus manager. He responded because he wanted to do something for the commun...

On the Road, by Sr. Marianne Watts

The trip they had taken on the road to Emmaus had more precisely been on the road to a revelation, one that would change not only their lives but thei...