Sister Bette Ann Jaster

Director of Co-Op for Earthsake

Dominican Sister of Hope Bette Ann Jaster, OP is an aficionado of experimental Earth education, creative ways to respond to needs of persons and planet. An originator of Co-Op for Earthsake at Mariandale, she supports using principles of contemplation, cooperation, and collaboration in community gardening, eco-beneficial planting, beekeeping, resisting injustices and supporting indigenous, poor, marginalized, multicultural, and intergenerational persons. She invites anyone in the local community to join her efforts.

“If you see somebody doing something, you can join in and be a part of something bigger than yourself. It’s a sense of belonging and becoming community. We want to enlarge that sense of community to include the natural world, the land, organisms, animals, water, air, stars, and all of us, both near and far.” -Sr. Bette Ann

Prior to founding Co-Op, Sister Bette Ann co-founded EarthLinks, an environmental non-profit organization in Denver. After working with the poor and marginalized in Newburgh, NY, and serving in congregation leadership, she helped get bee legislation approved in the Village of Ossining. She is now an ardent anti-fracking advocate, community gardener, and all-around proponent of protecting and preserving Earth.

If you are interested in joining in the dialogue to consider an Earth-centered movement more deeply and widely, please reach out.

Contact Sister Bette Ann:


Phone: (914) 941-4455 x116