corporate stances

Justice Matters


The Dominican Sisters of Hope believe that Social Justice is an integral part of our call as humans, as members of various religions, as Baptized Catholics, and as Dominican Religious Women. It is only through leading just lives that a better world is possible and the Reign of God.

Dominican Sisters of Hope choose at times to respond publicly to global concerns by taking a corporate stance. The issues are determined by the social teachings of the Church. The corporate stance is a statement of principle – the result of prayer, research, reflection, and discussion with possible means of implementation.

Since the Dominican Sisters of Hope beginnings in 1995, our Congregation has taken a corporate stance against the death penalty, genetically modified foods, human trafficking, nuclear weapons, immigration reform, and climate justice. We are committed to socially responsible investing and are members of the Tri-State Coalition for Responsible Investment. Our Corporate Stances are listed below. Click each to read the Stance in full.


Corporate Stances:

Corporate Stance on Immigration Reform

Corporate Stance for Global Abolition of Nuclear Weapons

Corporate Stance Against Human Trafficking

Corporate Stance for Moratorium on Genetically Engineered Crops

Corporate Stance Against the Death Penalty

Corporate Stance on Climate Change

Corporate Stance on the Iraq War


“We, Dominican Sisters of Hope, are called to preach the Gospel to our world. In communion with all creation, we commit our lives to the transforming power of Hope.”