About Our Go Green in 2018 Guide:

As we kick off 2018, we’ve created ten days of “resolutions” for going green and trash-free. Within each section, you’ll find statistics, context, and a call to action. This is not a guide to a total zero-waste lifestyle; rather, they’re steps that we can all take to do something good for our common home.

We warn you in advance: these are not for the faint of heart. Some are as simple as a Google search; others require time, effort, and, in some cases, extra cash. If you don’t complete 100% of them, that’s okay. There’s no judgement here. This isn’t a test.

We’re simply hoping to create community around a unified mission: to treat Earth a little bit better this year.

And one more thing…

Like you, we’re trying something new. Along with this guide, we’ve created our first-ever Facebook group for everyone who’s receiving these daily resolutions (read: you). It’s a place to share, commiserate, encourage, and inspire. We hope you’ll stop by and say ‘hi!’

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