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We Dominican Sisters of Hope are called to preach the Gospel to our world. In communication with all creation, we commit our lives to the transforming power of Hope.

Collaborative Dominican Novitiate

CDN Directors: Top row: Crissie Koll, OP, Sinsinawa; Christine DeAnna, Sparkill; Below: Kelly Biddle; Joye Gros, OP, Peace; Megan McElroy, OP, Grand Rapids

The Collaborative Dominican Novitiate (CDN) is a joint effort by 17 Dominican congregations in the U.S. to provide newer members with an experience of community life, prayer, study, ministry, exposure to and practice of preaching skills, and personal growth opportunities within the larger Dominican Family. The women who participate are known as novices, and they come together during this special year of discernment and focused education with fresh spirit, abundant gifts, eagerness to grow in the Dominican tradition, and peers to relate to in the process rather than separately in their own congregation.

Collaborative at multiple levels, the CDN Board of Directors consists of one member of each leadership team, who provide a basic governance structure.  Each congregation also participates through Congregational Formation Representatives (CFR) who provide support to the Co-Directors, Dominican women entrusted with facilitating the novitiate experience.  Consistent with the spirit of collaboration, each of the participating congregations proudly welcome each novice to the Dominican Family.  Our Dominican Sisters of Hope participate through Patricia Magee, OP, president of the CDN Board, and Nancy Erts, former co-director and  CFR.


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