Many of our sisters are currently retired and working in part-time ministries. However, we have a long history of teaching, nursing, and ministering throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. These stories catalogue our history of hope and our legacy of service —be sure to let us know if you spot a sister who served you in the past!

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Memorializing Marian Hall

On Sunday, October 15, a group gathered in Marian Hall for a ritual and memorial service. The building, one of the first on Mariandale’s campus and the Motherhouse of the Dominican Sisters of the Sick Poor, also housed the Dominican Sisters of...

Legacy Test Post

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We're hiring a Clerical Assistant who is able to work as needed, based on  department needs. The Clerical Assistant will perform a variety of clerical tasks for the Development Office: acknowledging donor gifts, folding letters and inserts in...

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We're hiring a Social Media Editor with excellent design and social media skills. The Social Media Editor promotes the mission and charism of the Dominican Sisters of Hope across social media channels through design, images, quotes, videos,...


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