A Covenantal Relationship

Membership in the Dominican Sisters of Hope is a covenantal relationship open to Catholic women of all cultures who desire to respond to God’s call in their lives through total and permanent commitment to Christ. This response unites these women to other members through a common life and mission. This call is a mystery wherein the charism of the Congregation meets with the vocation of the individual. A woman seeking admission to the Congregation must have a sincere desire to embrace the religious life. She must give evidence of potential for our Dominican mission.

Initial Membership

The initial membership process consists of periods of candidacy, novitiate and temporary profession prior to perpetual profession.

The Congregation welcomes and supports the candidate, knowing that the life of God in her enriches the Congregation. The Congregation strives to create an environment where members can grow and develop through the guidance and wisdom of the Spirit.

The period of candidacy introduces a woman to Dominican Life as lived by the Dominican Sisters of Hope. It provides the candidate opportunities for prayer, study, ministry and common life according to our Dominican tradition.