Ministry Fund 

“Acknowledging our ecclesial mission to proclaim the Word of God to all, we recognize the interdependence of all creation. Following the example of Jesus, we challenge ourselves in our ministries to be conscious of and responsive to our mission focus to the poor and marginalized, women and the earth.”



Bette Ann Jaster used a Ministry Fund grant for EarthLinks, for a project that partially supported the salary of the Co-Director who replaced Bette Ann, who continues to serve on the Earthlinks Board of Directors.   EarthLinks connects homeless and low-income people with the natural world for the mutual benefit of the person and the planet.

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Nuns Build in New Orleans

Donna Brunell and Sharon Yount participated in Nuns Build, sponsored by the St. Bernard Project in New Orleans area. They worked with sisters and other volunteers to help rebuild homes destroyed by Katrina in November, 2010.


Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice

Monica McGloin received a grant from the Ministry Fund to support her role of social activist in the Cincinnati Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice, where she works with issues around low-wage workers.  She also consults for the National Interfaith Justice Committee, for which she headed a delegation that met with three hospitals in Michigan to hear their experiences.  In addition, she worked hard to pass the Health Care bill.


Open Space for Teen Mothers

Catherine Walsh used a grant from the Ministry Fund for Open Space, a project for teen mothers housed and sponsored by St. George’s Episcopal Church on Grand Street in Newburgh.  Open Space awakens teen mothers and their children through an arts and literary enrichment program.  Catherine is Secretary of the Board of Open Space.

Women:  Bearers of Hope

In 2010, Pat Peters and Mary Ella Morrison provided a retreat and prayer ministry, “Women:  Bearers of Hope to a Broken World,” for women who reside in the most rural counties of the Diocese of Wheeling/Charleston, West Virginia.  Their project, which encouraged a deeper level of association with the Dominican Sisters of Hope, was supported by our Ministry Fund.