We are the Dominican Sisters of Hope

About Us

Our Mission

Oftentimes, hope isn’t easy to come by or even to define. Yet, as 140+ Catholic Dominican Sisters, we have committed our lives to living and preaching the Gospel message of Hope. Founded in 1995 from three communities in Newburgh, NY, Fall River, MA, and Ossining, NY, we now are based out of The Center at Mariandale in Ossining, NY. We live in 13 states and minister in a variety of unique ways, including community organizing, social work, education, environmental advocacy, and retreat ministry, among others. We can’t wait to share with you the ways that we bring Hope to it all.

In a World Dominated by Money, Sex, and Power,

We are Living Lives of…


We don’t have any private accounts or funds, but we give all of our earnings to the community.


We don’t have romantic relationships, instead we devote ourselves fully to those we serve.


We are committed to the community and we what’s best for the congregation.

and we live contemplative lives in community. 

Daily Lives

we may not be the nuns you’re used to seeing.

Some of us wear the habit, others don’t. Some of us live in community with other sisters, others live alone. Across the board, though, we feel that religious life has blessed us with freedom: we are called to each bring Hope to a fragmented world in ways that allow those we serve and our community to thrive. Our daily lives and ministries are too varied to detail in this paragraph. However, we’ve profiled many of our sisters on this site. We invite you to explore their examples and words of wisdom.




United mission

This is site is our space for stories about bringing hope to the world. We are so glad you are spending time here.

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