Called to Be Hope

“Life is short

and we do not know the time

We have to bring joy

to the hearts of others.


Be quick to love

and quicker

to be kind.”

Because the human heart has not changed, this is wise advice:

Use the time we have available to us.

Be quick to love and quicker to act with kindness.

A wonderful template for living a hope-filled life!


Who are the Associates of Hope?

Associates of Hope are women and men who live varying lifestyles and work in varying occupations. They seek to live out Gospel values and find resonance with the mission and charism of the Dominican Order:

To contemplate and give to others the fruits of their contemplation.

The Associates are specially connected to the mission of the congregation of the Dominican Sisters of Hope. Presently, they are an ecumenical community who, with the sisters, share a mutual bond that encourages and nurtures spiritual growth, support, and empowerment in their individual and corporate lives.

Associates enjoy a variety of relationships with the Dominican Sisters of Hope based on the recognition of the unique gifts and needs of both sisters and associates. Some of these have included working on ministry projects, on research committees studying contemporary social and ecological issues, and providing retreat experiences. Their participation in contemporary social issues is a sign of their commitment to the dignity of the human person and the sacredness of Earth.

The Associates of Hope have a passion to make their commitment visible in the world through lives of Prayer, Study, Community, and Service, which are the essentials of Dominican Life.

The Associate Spirit, as that of the Dominican Sisters, is renewed and strengthened by a joy rooted in our God of Hope.

Associates are people of prayer and compassionate service. They welcome others to join them and the Dominican Sisters of Hope in reaching out to the needs of their neighbors and the world at large.

For more information about the Dominican Sisters of Hope Associate Program, email

We commit our lives to the transforming power of Hope.

(From the Mission Statement of the Dominican Sisters of Hope)


Quote from “Life is Short,” Henri-Frédéric Amiel

Art from Images on the Heart, Lorraine Ferguson, OP, Dominican Sisters of Hope


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