We know that Earth is crying out for justice and care; what can we do? How can we make small changes in our homes and a greater impact in our community?

Hence this guide, which includes ways to be more environmentally friendly, from taking a trash audit to replacing paper products at home to packing lunch instead of buying out. The idea is to inspire us all to generate less trash in very small ways, and to create community around it.

We’re so happy you’re here.

As we began to think about eco-friendly living, we found ourselves focusing on one simple concept: waste. Millions of pounds of waste are transported, buried, and burned in the United States every day. Many people recycle with good intentions, but recycled goods often end up in landfills. Waste is a harmful process, and it’s ongoing.

With all this in mind,
we found ourselves asking:

What can we do?

We’ve created ten resolutions to enact change right now. Over the next ten days, you’ll receive a challenge, facts, and context each day. Although this guide focuses on trash reduction, this is not a guide to going trash-free. We want to be realistic and practical here, especially given that this guide is limited in scope and time.

We first released this guide in 2018, but it’s still pertinent today. So, we’re sharing it again. We hope that you’ll join us —and spread the word— as we seek to protect and preserve Earth together.

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This series includes community

We’d be remiss if we began this process without including one of the central tenets of the Dominican charism: community. So, we created our first-ever Facebook group for everyone who’s receiving these daily resolutions (like you). It’s a place to share, commiserate, encourage, and inspire. Please drop by and introduce yourself.

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