In Year Two of Laudato Si’ Action Platform (LSAP), the Dominican Sisters of Hope are focusing on the Adoption of Sustainable Lifestyles goal. Here’s a list of short articles and videos to educate yourself on the issues:

Single-Use Plastic

  • Calculate your Plastic Footprint – Click  here
  • Read an article (10 min) “Single use plastic is wreaking havoc on the planet. Here’s what you can do to minimize your impact” – Click here
  • Watch a TedTalk (18 min) “How to Live a Plastic Free Life” – Click here

Reduce Meat in your Diet

  •  Calculate your Food Print – Click here
  • Read an article (3 min)  “Eating Less Red Meat is Something Individuals Can do to Help the Climate Crisis” – Click here
  • Watch a video (6 min) “The Diet that Helps Fight Climate Change – Click here

Conserve Energy

  • Calculate your Carbon Footprint – Click here
  • Read an article (6 min) “Twelve Ways to Save Energy at Home” – Click here
  • Watch a video (12 min) “Twenty Ways to Save Electricity at Home” – Click here

Have more time? Watch the Sisters of Charity of St. Elizabeth LSAP video on sustainable lifestyles – Click here.

Let us know what you think of these resources, or suggest more in the Comments section below!

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