The discussion over income and wealth inequality in our country has increased dramatically since the recession that began in 2008. Economics of Compassion of Greater Cincinnati is a recently-formed initiative, seeking to create a sustainable, resilient, more inclusive economy for all citizens, especially for those individuals who are on the margins of our current economic system.

Dominican Sister of Hope Monica McGloin, who is active with the Cincinnati Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice and a member of Economics of Compassion’s Jubilee Circle, joined Father Robert Rhodes, Canon Missioner at Christ Church Cathedral and also a Jubilee Circle member, and Tim Kraus, chair of Interfaith Business Builders Board of Trustees and a convener for the Economics of Compassion Initiative, to discuss income and wealth inequality on WXVU Cincinnati Introducing The Economics Of Compassion Of Greater Cincinnati Initiative – Addressing Inequalities.

Together, the panel discussed options for working together to build a more inclusive, sustainable local economy.

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