There are few things our sisters love more than hearing from former students and walking down memory lane. If you were taught by a Dominican Sister of Hope, Newburgh, or Fall River/Saint Catherine of Siena, this Teacher Appreciation Day is the time to let us know! Below, we’ve featured some of our favorite comments and memories so far; comment in the box below to share your memories with our Dominican Sisters!

I Now Love Reading

“Sister Catherine Walsh was my eighth-grade teacher from Bishop Dunn Memorial. I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ to her for her love of learning and giving me a love of reading. In eighth grade, she gave a challenge to all offs who could read the most books, and, in doing that, I learned to enjoy reading and still do to this day. I love to read to my own children and now grandchildren.”

She Motivates Me to Help

“I met Sister Margaret Anderson about thirty-five years ago when she was a principal at my children’s school. She was loving and caring to all the kids. And she was fair in listening to and directing all of us, parents and kids. She became my friend and I am proud of her ministry. She motivates me to get up to Newburgh and help out!”

We Dissected a Frog

“I don’t know if Sister Jean Lawrence Strack remembers me, but I remember her and so do hundreds of students who went to Pope Pius High. I remember so well dissecting the worm and also the frog; I could not take the worm out of the big jar and Sister stood over me and with those big, beautiful blue eyes stared down at me and very seriously said, ‘Miss Moro, put your hand in that jar and take a worm!’ I did!!! And the same with the frog. I still remember pulling that thin layer of skin off and I have told my sons and grandchildren the stories. Of course, they laughed. Sister Jean Lawrence was the highlight of our school years and we looked forward to her classes. She is loved, and our class, which is very close even after all these years, always mentions her when we get together. Nowadays, many of us have white hair, too!”

She Became My Friend

“I have known Sister Linda Rivers since we were little girls and she was simply my friend Linda. She was sweet and always kind. She became a wonderful first grade teacher at St. Peter’s school were she taught my oldest daughter. We remain friends to this day and always enjoy our reunions. I am so proud of my Sister Linda.”

I Still Remember my French!

“I remember the first day of French 1 at Gloucester Catholic and Sr. Mary Janice Dionne told us ferme la porte. She was a great teacher and I learned so much. I was way ahead of the French class when I transferred to Gloucester High. Today at 70, I get calls from my 13-year-old granddaughter for help with her eighth grade French. I can’t believe how much I remember! Thanks for being such a great teacher and person.”

She Made Mornings Pleasant

“What a joy to come across the article about Sr. Julie Marie Pintal. I loved seeing Sr. Julie every morning. She taught me more about God by just being her. Dominicans always remain close to my heart and have impacted my spiritual life. God bless these women who gave more than they realize to so many…I love you. God bless you, Sr. Julie, and all the sisters.”

She Did it All

“I remember Sister Gertrude Gaudette at Dominican Academy. In the image that comes to mind, she is bent down on one knee, fixing something. Where the rosary beads customarily hung on the side of the old habit, she hung her tape measure! I also remember her at the top of 50-foot ladder changing light bulbs in the gym. Sister Gert is amazing! She embodied the Nike Slogan ‘Just do it.’ She made us believe that there were no limitations just opportunities. Hats off to you, Sr. Gert!”