It starts as a feeling,

the movement from inside

Taking me to a place

far and wide

As it spirals upward

my heart sees it in a glance

The feeling that is building

is the beginning of my dance

It is a gift

I have come to accept

Guiding me through my life

as I reflect

These are timed steps

that have led me here

To a place where

I’m free to shed a tear

This dance of tears

speaks to me of truth

I bend in a simple gesture

a gathering of my roots

With these roots

my dance creates anew

the truth of me

with a new view

For this is a gentle dance

that brings me home again

It is a dance that gathers me in

for myself to tend

I live each day

not just to cope

For it is my desire to live

the gentle dance of HOPE

This poem was written by Dominican Sister of Hope Connie Kelly, OP. For more of Sister Connie’s poetry, click here. For more poetry by other Dominican Sisters of Hope, check out our poetry archive.