The Dominican Sisters of Hope continue our observance of the ecumenical Season of Creation with prayers, learning, and action for food justice.

Week 4


September 17 For farmworkers, especially migrant workers, that they might have a safe work environment, a living wage, and access to healthcare, childcare, and education.

September 18 For people in income-challenged neighborhoods suffering from food apartheid, that they might have access to affordable, nutrient-rich food.

September 19 For the will to choose nourishing food, to protect land, and to reward the people who enable us to do that.

September 20 For politicians and all in civil authority, that they would recognize long-term well-being for us all is more important than riches for the very few.

September 21 International Peace Day – Food insecurity and starvation have been frequently used as a tactic of war. Pray for peace between nations and peoples.

September 22 For people around the world at risk of starvation as a result of Russia’s war against Ukraine.

September 23 For community farmers and activists in the food sovereignty movement, particularly black and indigenous people of color, that they might have agency over their future and hope for the viablity of their land.

LEARN about the intersection of food, public health, and justice by watching this 17-minute TedX Talk by author Mark Bittman.

ACT: Based on what you have learned, make three choices that will enable you to eat more healthfully, sustainably, and to work toward food justice.

The theme of the Season of Creation 2023 is Let Justice and Peace Flow: A Might River. We are invited to join the river of justice and peace on behalf of all Creation and to converge our individual identities in this greater movement for justice, like tributaries come together to form a mighty river. Throughout the week, if you wish to share your experiences, feelings, or thoughts on the prayer, learning, or action, please comment below, as a way to join our own efforts with millions of people around the world – forming a groundswell of justice and peace.

We are grateful to the Sisters of Charity of St. Elizabeth’s Office of Peace, Justice, and Ecological Integrity for the pamphlet which inspired these prayers, learning, and action.