Kimberley Gordy invites listeners to take a walk barefoot, and offers a meditation on interconnectedness.

Kimberley Briana Gordy is the daughter of Eloise, granddaughter of Marigold Kee and Virgie Lee, and great-granddaughter of Lora Parker. From these foremothers, Kimberley inherited the spirit of an educator. Her professional roles in secondary and post-secondary education positioned her to advocate for and empower young people realizing their power as change agents. Kimberley is pursuing a Master of Divinity degree at Union Theological Seminary (NYC) to prepare for Chaplaincy, or wherever being an affirming spiritual caregiver will lead. While at Union, Kimberley has been exploring the integration of somatic techniques into spiritual practice. She earned a B.A. in Biology, played women’s basketball and discovered her gift as a spoken word poet at Goucher College. Kimberley’s identity as an athlete means physical movement facilitates joy. Daily doses of dancing, laughter, imagination and creativity are soul food and she hopes to remind as many women of that as possible.


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