The world so desperately needs HOPE. With your help, we can give HOPE to people who need it most.

For nearly two centuries, we, the Dominican Sisters of Hope, have been carrying the light of Christ into the darkest corners of the world to serve the marginalized in society and to offer them hope for better days. We have a simple but powerful answer to the problems of society: The Gospel.  And we are called to preach the Gospel to today’s world through our lives and to bring the transforming power of HOPE to the many in need.


The Dominican Sisters of Hope have served in over 100 communities across the United States, Puerto Rico, and Central America. Here are just a few of the many ways the Dominican Sisters of Hope put faith into action:

HOPE IS providing a safe place to sleep, a warm shower and basic hygiene to the poor.  For decades the sisters have provided emergency shelter in impoverished cities and neighborhoods as a step toward permanent housing and stability. Hundreds of people have been sheltered, tens of thousands received hygiene supplies and millions have been fed. These ministries have always been provided with compassion and respect, not judgment.

HOPE IS lifting up a community forgotten and neglected by society. For more than five decades, Sister Margaret and Sister Beth lived their vows of poverty in Appalachia, ministering to, and lifting up some of the poorest families in America. Their devotion to the Gospel in the midst of abject poverty culminated in a shelter for abused women, a food bank and an advocacy center. Their formal training as nurses helped the sisters to provide the poor residents with eye care, dental care, hearing aids and basic health services.

HOPE IS building relationships with thousands of volunteers, donors, and collaborators, as well as the people of war-torn Nicaragua. For over a quarter century, Sister Debbie has led thousands of volunteers to working alongside local Nicaraguans to build home shelters, establish water filtration systems, distribute rice and beans, and plant Moringa trees which have nutritional, economic, and climate benefits.

HOPE IS stitching together discarded fabric into a quilt of love, care and warmth. For over a decade, Sr. Donna has led the Patchwork & Prayer Ministry at the Center of Hope in Ossining, NY. Sister and her team of volunteers prayerfully craft warm quilts from donated or discarded fabrics.  Those who have received the quilts have included poor young mothers, children in orphanages, abandoned adults, refugees in Ukraine and families in Nicaragua.

HOPE IS a lifetime of prayer.  Even when the sisters become infirm and are no longer able to participate in active ministries, they devote the remainder of their lives praying for you, your loved ones, our country and the world.

Your generosity today makes you a partner in our mission. Together, we will accomplish so much for those in need. Strengthened by your prayers and financial partnership we will continue to cultivate hope in the works we do for the people of God everywhere.