Accountability Report: 2019-2024

Dominican Sisters of Hope Accountability Report

Our accountability report is essentially a story of the past five years – the ways in which our congregation has moved the Chapter calls, the blessings we have shared, the losses we have mourned, and the collective learnings we have known. The setting for this story is always the world in which we live – the events that impact us, the consciousness that is raised, the relationships we have shared as we respond to each day.

Pope Francis is quoted as saying that we do not live in an era of change, but a change of era. Technology brings world events into our living rooms in real time, enlarging our world view with each event. The bulk of this report is a review of our congregational response in mission and in community to these past five years.

As a Hope Dominican family, our mission response is shaped by our global and congregational realities. It seems right that we would make use of the technology available to us, to create a different kind of accountability report. Visualizing the realities before us is an invitation into a communal reflection of the ways we all have lived our commitment, in communion with all creation, to the transforming power of Hope.

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