The Dominican Associates share special spiritual aides that have helped them in their faith journey.

Judy Pond

  • Being Companions on the Journey
  • Keeping in touch with like minded people,  in person, via telephone, e-mail,  text, and sending cards with messages of prayerful support. 
  • Being with the Dominican Family of Hope for gatherings.  Learning about the min
  • Visiting the sick in hospitals, rehabs and in their residences to be a source of comfort and receive comfort from them. 
  • Rising early for meditation and reading one or two commentaries on the daily readings.  Prior to this, I will read the daily readings from the prayer book, “Give US This Day!”  From the daily biographies called, “Blessed Among Us.”, I learn much.    Today the spotlight was on Peter Maurin.
  • Learning to keep solitude in mind while being active is challenging.  I look to scripture and books on the saints.  I look to others’ examples of balancing contemplation with activity. 
  • Walking and praying in nature, practicing yoga and learning different  breathing techniques is balm for my soul.   
  • Our book club meetings have been enjoyable and spiritually enriching.
  • Visiting the Dominican Monastery in Guilford to join them for Liturgy, praying the Divine Office, and rosary.
  • Annual retreats are made at the Mercy Center in Madison, CT.  This  property, located near the Long Island Sound, provides respite to all!


Blair C. Marshall

A great spiritual aid, for me, has been my cats! Their independent spirits, their absence of guile, and abundance of intelligence coupled with moody behavior, make them perfectly suited to my quirky temperament!


Nancy Brennan



Currently Reading:

Trusting the Gold: Uncovering Your Natural Goodness by Tara Bauch

Gentle watercolor images accompany short readings and reflection questions.

“Presence is the portal to everything we cherish. And the pathway to this natural awareness is simply relaxing back – resting in what is.”  

A Favorite Quote: 

“Death is not extinguishing the light; it is only putting out the lamp because the dawn has come.”

Rabindrath Tagore   Indian Poet, 1861-1941


Michael J.F. Hauck

A Listening Heart – By Michael J. F. Hauck

Time past blessing,

Gifted and loved.

Granting, the distance withheld,

to burn with a love that listens.

Hold truth before a wondering wind,

as it beckons to find a way, to balance the grace.

For today holds the lost, before a dawn of risen hearts.

Behold what has taken the time, to hold peace, that never dies.

Never to lay holding one’s heart on the rock.

Never to lessen, the height of the bridge.

Never not known,

Today is Love.

A Friendship Blessing by John O’Donohue

May you be blessed with good friends.

May you learn to be a good friend to yourself.
May you be able to journey to that place in your soul where
there is great love, warmth, feeling, and forgiveness.
May this change you.
May it transfigure that which is negative, distant, or cold in you.
May you be brought in to the real passion, kinship, and affinity of belonging.
May you treasure your friends.
May you be good to them and may you be there for them;
may they bring you all the blessing, challenges, truth,
and light that you need for your journey.
May you never be isolated.
May you always be in the gentle nest of belonging with your anam ċara.

From Anam Cara: A Book Of Celtic Wisdom by John O’Donohue


Bill Aull/Br Matthew Luke, AF

“All is well and All is well in all matters all is well.”

Julian of Norwich


Linda Lazarus

The Power of Silence by Robert Cardinal Sarah

“Silence and peace have one and the same heartbeat.”

“Sounds and emotions detach us from ourselves, whereas silence always forces us to reflect upon our own life.”

Soul Keeping by John Ortberg

“Your soul will never rest unless it finds its home. We find it in the simple daily discipline of asking ourselves, “Is God in this moment? If he is not, he can be.”