Although derived from the word that means “daily” often excerpts in diaries represent uneven spurts of time between entries.

The purpose of a diary is to honor the events of everyday life. The “calls” come from the events that take place in the time frame of a day. Some will be repeated. Others may only make “one appearance” and never be repeated. But, each will add to the meaning of a day.

In this new venture of Associates Diary, you will meet the women and men who comprise the Associates of the Dominican Sisters of Hope. For them, every day holds occasions for them to be of service.

 You will learn about them and their lives of ministering to others. You will touch the spirit that encourages them to be persons marked by their outreach to the variety of individuals that make up the fabric of American society today.

A familiar adage advises, “Bloom where you are planted.” Whatever life brings them, whomever they meet in everyday life, these are received believing that being in respectful relationship with each other can have a positive influence on the world today and in the future.

Welcome to their world of Hope!