Celebrating Dominic de Guzman:

A Podcast

“Have charity for one another, guard humility, and make a treasure of voluntary poverty.”

What is the podcast?

August 6, 2021 marks the 800th anniversary of the death of our Holy Father, Dominic de Guzman. In gratitude for all that Dominic reflected, embodied, and preached, and for his zeal for the salvation of souls, we offer you this 10-episode podcast that explores who Dominic was, is, and will continue to be.

From his early life, his deep desire for prayer and his love of the eucharistic celebration, to his love of neighbor, and his itinerant preaching, bringing to all the Gospel of God’s merciful love: Saint Dominic’s influence is ever present.

Dominic’s Last Will and Testament

Dominican Sister of Hope Connie Kelly, OP reflects on the beauty of Dominic’s last will and testament.

Charity and Compassion

Dominican Sister of Hope Margaret Foster, OP reflects on Dominic’s charism of charity and compassion as it applies to today’s world.

To Praise, To Bless, To Preach

Dominican Sister of Hope Mary Ann Clausson, OP reflects on Dominic’s preaching through France and through his life.

Veritas: Putting on the Truth

Dominican Sister of Hope Pat Jelly, OP reflects on Dominic’s commitment to and search for truth.

Dominic’s Prayerful Journeys

Gina Ciliberto reflects on Dominic’s itinerancy not just as a physical mode, but as a spiritual way of being.

Service, Mission, and Ministry

Dominican Sister of Hope Bette Ann Jaster, OP explores Dominic as a person who paid attention to, and connected with, whomever crossed his path. Likewise, she invites us to watch, listen, and notice the world around us in a ministry of presence.


Dominican Sister of Hope Mary Schneiders, OP explores Dominic’s relationship with God, and encourages listeners develop their own prayer practice that best facilitates growth and love and communion with God and all that exists.

Sacred Study

Dominican Sister of Hope associate Linda Lazarus discusses Dominic’s affinity for study.

Preacher of Grace

Dominican Sister of Grand Rapids Megan McElroy explores Dominic’s legacy as a dynamic preacher.

Who Was Dominic?

Dominican Sister of Hope Helen Demboski presents “word pictures” that illustrate who Saint Dominic is as our Holy Father.

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