Composting 101 Zoom

“We are the stuff of the universe. We are the stuff of the Earth. It’s all in our DNA.”

-Regina Blakeslee, Master Gardener at The Center at Mariandale

The Dominican Sisters of Hope have implemented composting at The Center at Mariandale, in addition to many sisters’ individual residences. Join us via Zoom at 2 pm ET on Thursday March 14th for a one-hour conversation about all things composting:

  • How it relates to the Laudato Si’ Action Platform
  • The spirituality of composting according to a Master Gardener
  • Composting as mission: food waste and its impact on global warming
  • How we made it possible
  • How to implement it wherever you are

All are welcome. Feel free to invite anyone who might be interested.

Thursday, March 14th

2-3 pm ET

via Zoom


Join us:

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