Holy Thursday:

An Hour of Prayer for Healthcare Workers

Thursday, April 9th, is Holy Thursday. As we observe the feast of the first Eucharist, we’re giving thanks for healthcare workers.

Thurs, April 9th, 11 am – 12 pm

local time

As we enter into Holy Week, we can’t help but feel helpless. We’re sheltering in place, but our hearts are with the ill, the grieving, and caretakers and workers who risk their own lives to heal the sick. 

Holy Thursday commemorates the first Eucharist, and ‘Eucharist’ means thanksgiving. Thus, this hour of prayer. We invite everyone around the world to join us in prayer for frontline healthcare workers from 11 am – 12 pm local time on Holy Thursday. The hour will be a time of independent prayer, and we welcome you to pray however you’d like.

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Join us as we envelop healthcare workers in loving prayer.

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This Includes Community:

We’d be remiss if we shared this prayer session without including one of the central tenets of the Dominican charism: community. So, we created a Facebook group for everyone who’s praying together at this time. It’s a place to share, commiserate, encourage, and inspire. Please drop by and introduce yourself, and let us know how to plan to pray.

Join us for Contemplative Prayer

11:30 am – 12 pm EST Holy Thursday

We invite you to pray with us via Zoom for healthcare workers. This time includes silent prayer and guided meditation. Come with your (Zoom) microphone off and your camera off (if you prefer), this time is for you.

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We’re grateful that you’re praying with us. Please share this page so that we can pray from every state.

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