As much as we love growing food and flowers, we’ve learned that gardening isn’t something we only do for ourselves as individuals. Rather, it can be a practice used to promote the health of the environment around us.

What is Sustainable Gardening?

The concept of sustainable gardening is simple: it’s up to each of us to educate ourselves on our surrounding environment, and to learn what we can do to help it become as natural and as healthy as possible. Sometimes, this reality contradicts what we find most beautiful or even most desirable. As such, we must ask the question: do we garden for ourselves, for Earth, or for our greater global community? 


To us, the answer is clear.

We garden to promote the well-being of Earth and of our global family. In our Simple Guide to Sustainable Gardening, we’ll summarize how we do this, as well as how you can practice sustainable gardening right in your own backyard.

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This Guide Includes Community

We’d be remiss if we shared this guide without including one of the central tenets of the Dominican charism: community. So, we created a Facebook group for everyone who’s received the guide (like you). It’s a place to share, commiserate, encourage, and inspire. Please drop by and introduce yourself.