A Call to Lament and Mourn the 100,000 Deaths

Join us in prayer to honor the 100,000 persons who have died in the U.S. from COVID-19. Register for our Zoom prayer below.

Monday, June 1st

11:50 am – 12:15 pm EST

COVID-19 has presented us with hard truths: our suffering has been unequal. Elders, black and brown neighbors, native communities, refugees and immigrants have borne disproportionately the brunt of sickness and death. Our prayers for the healing of the nation must acknowledge the brokenness of our democracy and call us to repair the injustices this pandemic has revealed.
We are not okay with 100,000 deaths. This is a tragedy that calls for mourning, grieving, and lament. On Friday, with Ramadan finished, Muslims will remember the reception of the Quran. On Friday and Saturday, Jews will remember God’s covenant as they celebrate Shavuot and read their yizkhor (remembrance) prayers. On Sunday, Christians will celebrate Pentecost, when the first Christians were given courage through the reception of the Holy Spirit. Throughout the weekend, we encourage you to name, honor, lament, and offer our tributes to the lives, families, and communities of those who have died.
On Monday, June 1, we will gather to remember those who have died. This June 1 call to remember is being supported by the U.S. Conference of Mayors who represent over 1,400 mayors across the country.
We are called to help lead our congregations, communities, and country in this time of grief and lament in a way that will lead us forward more united as a country to address the very real challenges we face ahead. And we know that we can only do that together.

Join us as we lament, mourn, and pray

We’re grateful to everyone who has signed up for this prayer session. We are at maximum capacity for our Zoom account and have thus closed signups.

If you were not able to sign up, please join us in prayer on your own from 11:50 am – 12:15 pm EST. Thank you for praying with us.

This Includes Community:

We’d be remiss if we shared this prayer session without including one of the central tenets of the Dominican charism: community. So, we created a Facebook group for everyone who’s praying together at this time. It’s a place to share, commiserate, encourage, and inspire. Please drop by and introduce yourself, and let us know if you have a name you’re honoring in your prayer.

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We’re grateful that you’re praying with us. Please share this page so that we can pray from every state.

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