Today, as various coalitions and organizations gather to participate in the Catholic Day of Action in Washington, D.C., sisters and staff gathered to pray in solidarity. Together, the group challenged the current administration’s abuse of immigrant children and families.

Although the event is titled  “Catholics Say: Stop the Inhumanity! End Child Detention,” we welcomed staff of all faith traditions or none. As Dominican Sister of Hope Bette Ann Jaster, O.P. put it: “We are feeling the pain of what is going on at the border and we are here to say to the people in D.C. that we are in solidarity with them and all those who are in detention.”

We’ve included the printout of our amended prayer below. Just as sisters joined us in praying from home, from work, and from D.C., we invite you to pray, as well. We encourage you to call to mind a specific person or group as you begin prayer to stop the Inhumanity of child detention.