Last weekend, we gathered during our Assembly do celebrate our 2018 jubilarians with a mass and a reception. Please join us in celebrating them, and be sure to comment below if you see a sister you know!

Below are photos from the mass and celebration. All photos captions list sisters/others from left to right.


2018 Jubilarians:

80 years

Sister Maria Stella Kilpatrick, OP


75 years

Sister Anne Stephen Hajducek, OP


70 years

Sister Helen Doychak, OP

Sister Margaret Charles Kociolek, OP

Sister Barbara McCarthy, OP

Sister Annette Roach, OP

Sister Mary Agnes Shannon, OP

Sister Teresa Paul Heinke, OP


60 years

Sister Barbara Barton, OP

Sister Lois Dee, OP

Sister Eileen Duffy, OP

Sister Mary Alice Hannan, OP

Sister Christine Hartnett, OP

Sister Cecilia James Hayes, OP

Sister Mary Headley, OP

Sister Janet Marchesani, OP

Sister Elizabeth Menard, OP

Sister Ann Thorne, OP


50 years

Sister Mary Ann Clausson, OP

Sister Nadine Fodor, OP

Sister Eileen Hollen, OP


Sisters Mary Ann Clausson and Eileen Hollen

Sisters Mary Alice Hannan and Ann Thorne

Sisters Eileen Hollen, Mary Headley, and Lois Dee

Sister Cecilia James Hayes and Nadine Fodor

Sister Margaret Charles Kociolek and Helen Doychak

Sister Nadine Fodor shares a reflection

Sister Eileen Hollen

Sister Helen Doychak

Sister Mary Ann Clausson

Sisters Mary Alice Hannan and Magaret Charles Kociolek

Sister Liz Menard

Sister Janet Marchesani in interpretive dance

The jubilarians participate in a blessing ceremony

The jubilarians participate in a blessing ceremony

Below: Jubilarians receive small gifts from Leadership members

Sisters Helen Doychak, Mary Ann Clausson, Cecilia James Hayes, Teresa Paul Heinke, Mary Alice Hannan

Top: Sisters Margaret Anderson, Jeanette Redmond, Janice Dionne, Diane Trotta

Bottom: Sisters Connie Kelly, Lois Dee, Sharon Yount, Catherine Walsh


Top: Sisters Mary Schneiders, Kathleen Tuite (Caldwell), Associate Deborah Egan, Sister Annemarie Bucher

Bottom: Sisters Connie Koch, Associate Martha LaVallee, Sister Janet Marchesani, Sister Pat Magee

Top:Sisters Dorothy Gensur, Maryann Ronneburger, Bernadette Connor, Joseph Marie Levesque, Lorelle Elcock, Associates Ginny King, Nancy Brennan

Bottom: Sisters Lorraine Beauchesne, Cecilia James Hayes, Associate Judy Pond


Top: Sisters Cynthia Bauer, Linda Rivers, Lorraine Beauchesne, Judy Brunell, Joseph Marie Levesque, Sue Flynn, Madeleine Tacy, Donna Brunell

Bottom: Sisters Joanne Bonville, Liz Menard, Louise Levesque


Top: Sister Margaret Foster    Bottom: Sisters Linda Rivers, Nadine Fodor, Mary Ella Morrison, Ann Daniel Belmonte, Nancy Erts


Sisters Mary Elizabeth DeBoer, Mary Ellen Wisner, Delphine Croft, Marianne Watts

Sisters Doris Thibault, Marie deLourdes Justice, Associate Mary Geiger

Top: Sister Kathleen Tuite (Caldwell), Associate Deborah Egan

Bottom: Sisters Peggy Devlin, Maria Barbera, Mary Alice Hannan

Sisters Mary Feigen and Pat Sullivan

Sisters Helen Demboski, Nancy Sheridan, Eileen Hollen, Andrea Jurewicz

Sisters Anne Marie Bucher, Kathleen Hebbeler, and Associate Judy Jarfas

Associate Bill Aull, Sisters Margaret Mary Rottinghaus and Mary Headley

Sister Beth Jaspers, Associate Sue Smith, Sister Bette Ann Jaster

Sisters Veronica Miller, Eileen Breen, Nicki Verploegen, JoAnn Timmerman (Sinsinawa)

Sisters Jo-Ann Iannotti, Agnes Holmes, and Associate Linda Lazarus

Sisters Ann Sakac, Leona Deboer, and Jean Spena

Sisters Monica Socinski, Teresa Paul Heinke, Terri McGuire

Sisters Pat Jelly, Mary Anthony Schmittauer, Helen Doychak, ?, Diane Dupee

Sisters Rosemarie Wdzieczkowski, Barbara Anderson, Pat Flynn, Mary Ann Clausson

Sister Philomena McCartney, Associate Betty Martin, Sister Maryann Cirillo

Sisters Stephanie Frenette and Debbie Blow

Siblings Fr. Kociolek, Ann Jerome Kociolek, Margaret Charles Kociolek

The sisters give the waitstaff a blessing

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