From left: Srs. Nancy Moroney, Diane Dupee, (top) Patricia Sullivan, Joanne Bonville, Mary Elizabeth DeBoer, Ann Jerome Kociolek, Veronica Miller, Andrea Jurewicz (bottom) Srs. Doris Thibault, Stephanie Frenette, Beth McCormick, Claire Sinotte

On July 21st, we gathered to celebrate our 2019 jubilarians with a mass and a reception. Sister Debbie Blow shared a reflection on how these women model hope. Please join us in celebrating them, and comment below if you see a sister you know!

Below are photos from the mass and celebration. 

2019 Jubilarians:


75 years

Sister Nancy Moroney, OP

Sister Doris Thibault, OP


70 years

Sister Marie Jeanne Beauregard, OP

Sister Joanne Bonville, OP

Sister Mary Elizabeth DeBoer, OP

Sister Diane Dupee, OP

Sister Andrea Jurewicz, OP

Sister Beth McCormick, OP

Sister Mary Gilbert Snide, OP


60 years

Sister Stephanie Frenette, OP

Sister Anne Gordon, OP

Sister Ann Jerome Kociolek, OP

Sister Veronica Miller, OP

Sister Barbara Ortmann, OP

Sister Claire Sinotte, OP

Sister Patricia Sullivan, OP