From Left: Sisters Connie Koch, Pat Magee, Barbara Anderson, Eileen Hollen, Andrea Jurewicz, Pat Sullivan, Annemarie Bucher, Helen Demboski

On August 6th, Sisters, Associates, and co-creators gathered to celebrate the feast day of Saint Dominic at Mariandale.

As Dominic modeled, being a member of the Order of Preachers means letting faith shine through all aspects of one’s being and one’s life.

Dominic was known for his friendly disposition, the joyful friar. He prayed, tried to live an exemplary lifestyle, and was always willing to engage in respectful debate. In Dominic’s honor, the sisters and the greater Hope community shared a communion service, a meal, and fellowship together. They also shared magnets commemorating Dominic’s life and mission of itinerancy, mendicancy, faithfulness, and joy. Read more about why our sisters love being Dominican here.

Sister Diane Trotta

Associate Judy Pond

Gina Ciliberto

From left: Gianna Rotunno, Rose Cappa-Rotunno, Sisters Jo-Ann Iannotti, Cass McDonnell, Rosemarie Greco, Maria Barbera, Mary Headley

From Left: Sisters Connie Kelly, Linda Rivers, Lorelle Elcock, Eileen Breen, Veronica Miller, Diane Trotta, Catherine Walsh, Lois Dee

From Left: Sister Cecilia James Hayes, Associate Judy Pond, Sisters Bette Ann Jaster, Louise Levesque, Tony Sucich, Amy Sucich, Sisters Donna Brunell, Maryann Ronneburger, Mary Schneiders, Janet Marchesani, Jeanette Redmond