This past Sunday, the Dominican Sisters of Hope celebrated Saint Dominic’s Day at The Mariandale Center in Ossining together with staff, friends, and co-creators. Prioress Lorelle Elcock preached at the liturgy, reminding all those present of the true message of Saint Dominic’s example.

As Sister Connie Kelly said in past years:

“Dominic demonstrated for us that to truly follow Christ we need to let go. We need to be willing to do what we may not want to do. Choosing to follow Christ, as a religious, a married couple, or through the single life is truly a letting go. A moving into the unknown…past our comfort zone…even in troubling times like these.”

She continued:

“We are the Order of Preachers. We are called to bear the light of truth to all. We are women and men of Hope.”

Below, find photos from the celebration. And see celebrations from past years here, and what our sisters love about being Dominican here.