Elected Leadership and Leadership of the Membership are roles that we have identified as important to us, the Dominican Sisters of Hope. And we are aware that we also embrace the values of Jesus as recorded in the Gospels.

Jesus used many different examples of leadership and service. Scripture scholars have observed that Jesus goes to great length to show what it means to be a servant leader, especially in the washing of the feet of the apostles at the last supper.

In the act of washing their feet, Jesus shows us that the basic identity of all  in service, is that we are equal in dignity, united amid diversity.

Real Christian leaders understand that they are each servant leaders along side of other servant leaders. They don’t follow their own ambitions or desires, but identify with the one who showed us how to be in right relationship with all – servant/leaders.

In a spirit of servant leadership, we welcome our elected leaders with the traditional ritual of hand washing as a sign of service and welcome. For those not present, we encourage you to ask whose feet or hands you can (metaphorically) wash in your life?

We invite all of you to participate in this ritual.


This reflection was read by Eileen Hollen, OP and written by Nadine Fodor, OP.