In honor of World Refugee Day, the Dominican Sisters Iraq Coordinating Committee is reaching out in support of refugees. We do not have a particular legislative request; our goal is lifting up refugees and calling on legislators to support welcoming them. Our congresspersons too often hear from those opposing refugee resettlement and assistance. Here are three ways you can help change the conversation:

1. Contact Your Legislators

Before the July 1 recess, we are contacting our legislators to ask them to stand #WithRefugees. To send the message via email, enter your zip code on the House of Representatives site. Once you’ve found your representative, select the option to send him/her an email. We’ve use the message below, which you’re welcome to copy:

While you are home for your Independence Day recess, I ask that you remember the Iraqi and Syrian refugee families who are seeking a place to call home.

As members of the wealthiest nation on Earth, we Americans—many of whom are descendants of refugees—have a responsibility to relieve the suffering of people who have lost everything: home, livelihood, and human dignity.

Please find a way forward to welcome these vulnerable families who need our help.

As people of faith, we support your effort to welcome some of the world’s most vulnerable people and we pledge to support the families who find refuge on our shores.

2. Sign on the Dotted Line

There is a #WithRefugees petition that will be delivered to UN headquarters in New York ahead of the UN General Assembly meeting on September 19. The petition asks governments to:

  • Ensure every refugee child gets an education.
  • Ensure every refugee family has somewhere safe to live.
  • Ensure every refugee can work or learn new skills to make a positive contribution to their community.

The petition is available on the UN Refugee Agency’s website

3. Get Social

Social media channels are a great way to spread the word about our solidarity #WithRefugees. Feel free to spread your support of the issue and let your friends know that they can get involved, too. You are welcome to share any part of this post via social media, including the image below. Let’s stand together #WithRefugees.