We’re sharing Sister Marianne Watts’ homily, below, from this week’s The Word. Sister Marianne shares her own evolution from a religious education that focused on obedience and organizational hierarchy, dogmatic morality and knowledge of sin to a religion of “relational wonder” in which we are “entangled creatures of the cosmos, God-linked to absolutely everything,”

Sister Connie Koch and Sister Beth McCormick were also featured this week in The Word. Sister Connie preaches about how the Spirit prays through us, even when we don’t know what to pray for in the face of personal, societal, and environmental suffering, reminding us that “God loves us so deeply…and is always available and ready to respond in love.”

Sister Beth McCormick preaches about Jesus’ encounter with Bartimaeus and the humility which is “the root of true compassion” preventing him from making assumptions about what the blind man needs.

Enjoy all three 5-minute homilies at https://word.op.org/