Diamond Eclipse 2017 – photo by Dominican Sister of Hope Debbie Blow, OP

On Monday, April 28th at 2:30 pm, The Dominican Sisters of Hope and The Center at Mariandale are hosting a free, interfaith eclipse watch party. The public is invited to gather with us outdoors for a chance to pause our busy lives and look in awe and wonder at the eclipse. Representatives of local houses of worship will offer interfaith prayers and short reflections. We’ll provide eclipse glasses, opportunities to walk the labyrinth, and snacks (moon pies and sun chips, of course!).

Eclipses are sometimes associated with new beginnings, personal renewal, and societal transformation. They’re a time to pause and wonder, and contemplate our place in the universe. Dominican Sisters will join the celebration both in Ossining and virtually from their homes around the country.

According to Dominican Sister of Hope Janet Marchesani, OP, who will be at the eclipse watch party at Mariandale on Monday, the eclipse is an experience of mystery.

“There’s something about the whole universe that is just beyond us,” she said. “The moon does not have light of its own. It reflects the light of the sun. That’s our role: to reflect the light of the sun. Seeing the eclipse as the sun is darkened and as it brightens again reminds us of the whole mystery of the cosmos, of creation. It’s definitely a spiritual experience.”

Dominican Sister of Hope Mary Headley, OP packs Eclipse Party Packs for sisters around the country. The boxes include glasses, snacks, and a prayer.

Dominican Sisters of Hope Debbie Blow, OP and Stephanie Frenette, OP watch the eclipse in totality in 2017.

For Dominican Sister of Hope Debbie Blow, OP, this eclipse marks her second totality eclipse experience. In 2017, she and Sister Stephanie Frenette, OP were in South Carolina on vacation and happened to be in the totality zone without planning it. This year, they’ll once again watch the eclipse in totality in Plattsburgh, NY.

“We both are very excited,” Sister Debbie said. “I have to tell you it is truly a moment of awe and spiritual oneness with Creation.”

Carl Procario-Foley, executive director of The Center at Mariandale, observed, “Our many and diverse faith traditions are calling for an ecological consciousness as we address the environmental crisis. Such consciousness begins with wonder and awe, two gifts this solar eclipse offers so magnificently to us all.”

The event is free of charge and there’s no registration required. All ages are welcome!