The Dominican Sisters of Hope continue our observance of the ecumenical Season of Creation with prayers, learning, and action from The Sisters of Charity of St. Elizabeth.

Week 2


September 3 For young people who are leaders in the environmental movements.

September 4 For the Dominican Family around the world, including sisters, nuns, and friars as well as laypeople, volunteers, others associated wtih the Order, and those to whom we minister. Give thanks that we form part of this mighty Dominican river.

September 5 In gratitude when you drink a glass of water; water molecules that have cycled though millions of other living beings. Feel a sense of communion with them.

September 6 When you are outside, pause to consider that in a cubic foot of soil under your feet, there are over 10,000 species of bacteria, 100 species of protozoa, 10,000 nematodes, hundreds of species of algae, and over 5,000 individual insects. Rejoice in the diversity of life!

September 7 For marine life endangered by plastic waste.

September 8 For all animals, including wild animals and laboratory animals, farm animals and animals raised for food, homeless and companion animals — especially the dog, an important symbol for Dominicans,

September 9 For fisherfolk whose livelihood is threatened by the climate crisis.

LEARN: Watch some of these short videos on biodiversity loss

ACT: Read this article on Six Ways to Preserve Biodiversity and put them into practice

The theme of the Season of Creation 2023 is Let Justice and Peace Flow: A Might River. We are invited to join the river of justice and peace on behalf of all Creation and to converge our individual identities in this greater movement for justice, like tributaries come together to form a mighty river. Throughout the week, if you wish to share your experiences, feelings, or thoughts on the prayer, learning, or action, please comment below, as a way to join our own efforts with millions of people around the world – forming a groundswell of justice and peace.

We are grateful to the Sisters of Charity of St. Elizabeth’s Office of Peace, Justice, and Ecological Integrity for the pamphlet from which the prayers, learning, and action were  excerpted and adapted.