Preaching Truth

“Zeal must be met by zeal …lowliness by lowliness.

False sanctity by real sanctity…preaching lies by preaching truth.”

-Saint Dominic de Guzman


We’re so happy you’re here.

As an Order whose motto is Veritas (Truth), these times where truth-telling is being overridden by false narratives repeated over and over are most disturbing. There is certainly a need to counter this trend. But how? Certainly, by preaching truth. Yet despite all the voices for truth the false narratives are louder. Perhaps along with our individual efforts for truth-telling leading to justice we might take direction from the gospel passage where the disciples cannot drive out an evil spirit and Jesus explains that this kind requires prayer and, in some translations, this kind requires prayer and fasting.

With all this in mind,
we found ourselves asking:

What can we do?

We invite you to join every day from July 22nd through November 7th in prayer and one act of fasting for truth to rise above the false narratives that lead to injustice. This is an act all of us can do, lay and religious, regardless of our age or location. This is an invitation to all who wish for truth-telling so justice can prevail.

A prayer is suggested below, but you are encouraged to create your own. Take one moment in the day and consciously fast from something in petition for this cause. Or do one act of generosity, or refrain from an action you love, etc.

Let us pray and fast every day:

July 22nd – November 7th


In this video, Sister Catherine Walsh shares why Truth is so needed at this moment.



Generous God, I pray for this country.

I pray for truth to take the place of repeated lies.

I pray for truth to be told so justice can take root in the hearts of all of us, so that all might benefit from the freedoms this country promises.

I pray that truth lead the way to remove the fear that encircles those who benefit from privilege and that fear be replaced by the assurance that justice brings peace.

May the impasse we see in governing hidden behind false claims be replaced by action for the common good.

May voters be encouraged to cast their ballots, not driven from the polls by restrictive measures not based in fact.

May truth and justice take root in all of our hearts.

I ask this in Your name.


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This Series Includes Community

We’d be remiss if we began this process without including one of the central tenets of the Dominican charism: community. So, we created a Facebook group for everyone who’s praying and fasting during this time (like you). It’s a place to share, commiserate, encourage, and inspire.

Please drop by and introduce yourself.

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