“We Walk By Faith, Not by Sight” (2Cor.5/3)

Our readings today remind us that God is at work in us, in the world and in the spreading the message of God’s Kingdom. In the first reading, from Ezekiel tells of how takes tender care of the beautiful cedar tree.

Our Gospel from Mark (Mark 4/26-34) presents us with two parables: the parable of the sower (this particular version is unique to Mark’s Gospel) and the story of the mustard seed. Jesus compares the growth of the Kingdom to a small mustard seed when planted in the ground eventually springs up and becomes the largest of plants to which the birds of the sky can dwell in its shade. What a wonderful image of the smallest seed when nurtured by humankind becomes the largest plant thus providing protection for the birds. Faith is the ability to see the potential in the smallest of things and the courage and perseverance to unlock the potential. For the believer, this takes patience and hope.

Pope Francis, in the encyclical, Laudato Si, extends to us an invitation to care for our common home, Earth. The document appeals for a new dialogue about how we are shaping the future of the planet. Many efforts have been made to seek solutions to our environmental crisis; yet, we must continue to be in dialogue as well to bring about creative actions. Like the growth of the mustard seeds it will take patience, perseverance and the working of all to protect and save the planet. We believe that we are not alone, our God is with us and calling us to something new in the spreading the message of the Kingdom. God perhaps is asking us to embrace the faith of the sower to plant the seeds of dialogue and action as Pope Francis calls for in caring for all of creation.

This is our vision of Hope! In the words of Julian of Norwich “all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of being shall be well.” This is the promise of our caring God!