It is said that “the eyes are the windows of the soul, and so, as I gaze out from my own “soul window,” I see an abundance of life and hope, even in the midst of a pandemic, division, racism and injustice, even in the midst of marginalized and hungry children in many countries.

Perhaps that hope is because I’m reminded of the Scripture prophet Habakkuk, who tells us “that there is still a vision for the appointed time…wait for it; it will surely come.” Yet, sometimes I cannot help but wonder when the “appointed time” is for all those who have long suffered the injustices of society, of nature and of humanity.

People often ask me how I keep my faith and maintain my hope and joy amidst so much darkness that unfolds each day.  Even as I write this on an early Friday morning in 2021, eight more people have died overnight from a mass shooting in our country. Malnourished children cry from hunger and disease [around the world].

So, where’s the hope you might ask?
Hope is found in the trust you place in us as a nonprofit trying to live the Gospel values.
Hope is found in the eyes of the children who get to eat today.
Hope is found in a grateful elderly man who is able to get a hospital bed for his wife from our warehouse.
Hope is awakened in a family with two disabled children who will go to school in Nica for the first time in their lives.
Hope is awakened in a woman receiving cancer treatments from Mission of Hope donations.
Hope is awakened in a local food bank when we delivered more than a thousand pounds of food recently.
Hope is seen every time a refugee child is hugged and held with sincere care.
Hope is seen in YOU.
Hope is experienced in the unconditional love of our Creator God.
Where do you find hope these days?

I am reminded of Edwina Gateley’s poem, “TO SEE A LITTLE.” She says:

“I used to pray, God, teach me your ways.
Now, I pray, God, that I may see a little.
This is because I came to understand
That God is teaching me different ways ALL the time…But I don’t see them.
There are miracles of God’s works
And signs of God’s ways (and hope) all around me and in me.
I have to learn to focus properly,
Or, perhaps, to look in the right direction.
I only, really, have to see a little.” (Edwina Gately)

From the window of my soul, I see a little hope and I trust that where that “little hope” is found, there is more waiting to be seen and experienced and awakened.

May you see hope from your soul window as well!
Live and be HOPE for one another.