Look for “hope” in the news and you’ll get a series of articles about sports: teams hoping for wins, fans hoping for new management, colleges hoping for star players. And, while sports-related hope is certainly real, it begs the question of what we consider ‘hope’ to be, or if we consider it all. Hope is important, at least to some. As Dominican Sisters of Hope, we feel that it is our mission to live out the Gospel of Hope everyday.

 “We can’t help but see how fragmented our world is,” says Sister Lorelle Elcock, Prioress of the congregation. 

Sister Judy Brunell agrees that hope is an answer to the world’s distress.

“Wherever we find ourselves, with whomever we find ourselves, that’s where we’re called to bring hope,” she told the congregation. “I have a sense of ‘it’s not our mission, it’s the mission.’”

This week, we’re launching an initiative to bring hope to  a place that’s often negative and even somewhat depressing— your email inbox.

Hope in Your Inbox is a weekly email that brings a dose of positivity directly to you. Each week, we will bring you a hopeful thought, story, or quote from one of our sisters along with some information about her ministry. We invite you to sign up for a weekly email that will lift your spirits and inspire you to share hope with others.

When speaking to the congregation, Sister Maryann Ronneburger once proclaimed “We are hope!” We feel that strongly, and we feel that you are hope, too. As you walk your current spiritual journey, may this weekly reflection will remind you that there is always HOPE.

Get Hope in Your Inbox!