Do you know someone who is deaf and has a speech impediment? In our senior building, there is such a gentleman. The healing that I observe he has experienced is very edifying! When I and others meet him, he is able to communicate a joyful greeting as well as sincere concern. He also invites those passing by to come into the community room where there is available food or clothing. For other communication, he has his trusty notebook. He has heard God say as expressed in Isaiah: “Be Strong, do not Fear!”

In my eighty years of life, I have at times been healed in ways I have not prayed for or expected. Have you? Perhaps we have been deaf and mute toward God– not able to hear, proclaim, and act on the message of Jesus in the circumstances we find ourselves. Perhaps we have not been healed of what we have requested. But when we witness and experience the unexpected, the healing we have received, there is joy and wonder at what God can do.

We are in a time in our Church and society when ethnic, racial, political divisions are evident, when public denigration of others occur, when institutional protection is more important than individuals being sexually assaulted. Our Church and society are in undeniable need of healing! Last week, we witnessed the funerals of Aretha Franklin and John McCain. Through their individual lives and healing, they witnessed to the need for respect for the individual over the institution, for unity in our diversity. Are we willing to pray for the compassion to take any actions open to us to prepare for God’s Coming? May our ears and mouth be open to the joy and wonder of what God will do!