NOTE: At present, finding aids are only available online to Archives staff. A searchable content management system will be made available to the public soon.


External researchers who wish to use the Archives on-site must submit a completed research request form. The Archives reserve the right to deny requests by external researchers for duplication services and on-site use.

The following rules apply to all internal and external, on-site researchers:

      • Access to restricted archival collections or restricted portions of collections is limited to Archives staff, the Prioress or her designees, and the creators of those collections.
      • No archival materials may be borrowed or removed from the premises.
      • Only Archives staff may make facsimiles of archival materials (photographs, photocopies, scans, CDs, DVDs, or other digital or analog replicas).
      • The Archives reserve the right to refuse to duplicate materials for internal or external researchers, excepting the Prioress and her designees.
      • Researchers must abide by all “Reading Room Rules” of the DSOH Archives. (Rules are available in the Archives.)

Request for Access to Archival Materials