Materials In Scope 

The archives is responsible for collecting, organizing, preserving, and making accessible the non-active records of permanent evidential, informational, or historical value, which it acquires from institutional offices, other entities, or individuals.

The archives collects:

  • Vital record
  • Office Records
  • Artifacts
  • AV and Digital Material
  • Published Material
  • Photographs, slides and albums

The archives does not collect:

  • Oversized paintings, drawings, sculptures, photos, posters, memorabilia, or 3-dimensional objects
  • Artifacts which the archivist deems cannot be properly preserved in the repository
  • Ephemera that have no lasting historical value
  • Moldy, damp, or infested materials
  • Illegible or unintelligible materials
  • AV materials lacking the elements of identification described above
  • AV or digital materials which cannot be played, viewed, or heard
  • Poor quality photos, unless they are of essential historical value
  • Plaques
  • Framed pictures or photographs (except for photos of Prioresses and Leadership Teams)
  • Liquids
  • Flammable materials
  • Toxic or lethal materials

Please contact our archives staff if you need further clarification on what we collect