This Sunday, February 23rd, the Dominican Sisters of Hope are hosting Hope for Our Times: Where Mission Meets this Moment with Sister Mary Pellegrino, CSJ from 10:30 am EST – 2:30 pm at The Center at Mariandale. The day will be held as a celebration of the Year of Hope, which celebrates the 25th anniversary of our founding.

Sister Mary will guide those present in person and via livestream in exploring what it means to be a woman religious today from a place of abundance. It’s true that religious life has grief currently, but, as Sister Mary says, “On the one hand, we can look at our losses through the lens of scarcity. On the other, we can recognize that we have an abundance of spiritual energy, an abundance of generativity, and an enormous amount of space, both physically and internally.”

“How do we reframe this moment in religious life as a moment of abundance?” Sister Mary asks.

She hopes that attendees will walk away with a sense of hope, not only as something to bolster themselves but also to see their mission as really essential in this moment.

“I do think there’s a particular call that Hope has in light of these prophetic tasks.” she adds

All (sisters, associates, and members of the public) are welcome to attend in person or via livestream. Join us as we embrace the message of vulnerability, grief, abundance, and hope.