In 1995, we committed our lives to the transforming power of Hope.

At the time, we didn’t know what the future would hold. But we knew that we wanted to bring Hope to the world, to live it everyday, and to recognize and name it among us.

“When we birthed Hope, we stepped off without an idea of what was going to happen,” says Sister Catherine Walsh, who became Hope’s first prioress. “We knew that we were going forward to bring hope and to be hope. However that played out would be alright with us.”

Today, we’re still committed to this core mission. In celebration of the “birthday” of the Dominican Sisters of Hope, we’re featuring wisdom from our sisters on where and how they find Hope in their midst. We know that our world needs Hope, maybe more than ever. Here’s to living it, being it, recognizing it, and inspiring it.

Where Do We Find Hope?

Hope (a Laundry of the Soul)

No focus on the plans of a newly elected president can obviate the complicated reality of who we are:  who we have become, and who we now know ourselves to be.

Hope in Darkness

No focus on the plans of a newly elected president can obviate the complicated reality of who we are:  who we have become, and who we now know ourselves to be.

Incarnation: 2020

How do we celebrate the birth of Jesus, the Incarnation in 2020? 

Hope in the Breach – All that Could and Should Be

I now recognize that my friend’s insight, as well as my defensive reaction, opened up a greater consciousness of how slippery a slope it is to get stuck in self and then to be seduced by a flawed sense of righteousness.

Being Hope: an Unfinished Symphony

Remember who you are. Perhaps it was for this very moment that you were created. Remember too that we are not alone on this journey. We are accompanied by the God of Promise.

Hope is Relationship

To be Human, Christian, Dominican is to be in relationship! How do I (we) respond??

Here’s to the Crazy Ones

Mount Saint Mary College mandated that all faculty planning to teach in the Fall must take an e-class course in basic Online Learning. Hope had stopped being a theological virtue and become the last resort of a drowning woman.

Remembering as Prayer: the Dance of Light and Shadow

How many moments have we experienced the tension of our diversity and the redemptive grace of clarity?

They’re Playing Our Song

Our song speaks of our encounters with the Divine as we acknowledge that the Divine presence permeates all aspects of cosmic life and all experiences of pain and joy we may be having personally.

Hope Is Not Cancelled!

I am convinced that this container, full of grace, mystery, Hope and Presence, is the NOW where I am called to be.



“My hope lies in the belief that the younger generation will do it better.”

-Sister Mary Alice Hannan

Hope is Thriving

Although our sisters are getting older, we’ve founded, sat on the boards of, and worked with various organizations that continue to propel Hope throughout the world. In honor of our birthday, here are sixteen ministries that prove Hope is not just alive but thriving.

16 Ways Hope is Thriving in Our World Today

Today, hope is educating, reversing cycles of poverty, fighting against racism, rebuilding homes, helping to inform adults of faith, making a space in the church for the deaf, and empowering women. And that’s just a start. Although

Hope is: Growing Seeds of Justice

Harmony Farm is a place for not just food, but also for justice and spirituality.

Hope is: Empowering Girls to Become Leaders

“Strong women mean strong families and strong communities. This program is about recognizing and affirming the contribution that each girl can make to a just, compassionate world.”

Hope is: Working for Justice On-the-Ground

The Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center rallies against the death penalty, provides education about human trafficking, advocates for immigrants’ rights, battles racism, and works toward peace and nonviolence.

Hope is: Encouraging Play, and Study

It turns out that, when you commit to helping mothers and children for the long-run, certain issues come up, like kids being home alone all day during the summer or struggling with homework during the school year.

Hope is: Reversing the Cycle of Poverty through Education

Nora Cronin Presentation Academy provides a pathway out of poverty through education as a means to raise expectations for young girls.

Hope is: Facilitating Faith and Justice among Adults

“This is an opportunity to nourish and enrich lay Catholics who are working for justice and peace.”

Hope is: Giving Women a Space to Thrive

When you approach the Center, you’re met with laughs and chatter. Women studying English guide each other and laugh together when they make mistakes. The wraparound porch is checkered with women sharing stories, commiserating, and, most important, building community.

Hope is: Learning to Grow in Faith

Being Catholic is not just a thing that you do on Sunday or in church. It’s something that becomes how you live your life no matter where you are.”

Hope is: Sewing the Way to a New Future

The benefits of learning to sew are two-fold: it gives the adults an industry, and the results provide the required school uniforms for the children.

Wondering why we’re called “Hope?” Here’s the history of our founding and of the Dominican Order.

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