Together, let us joyfully celebrate the HOPE of the Season of New Life!

Gospel Reflection: Stretching Our Hearts and Minds

Our reasoning does not create God’s goodness.

The Alleluia Heart: an Original Poem by Sister Connie Kelly

Sister Connie Kelly shares her original Easter poem this National Poetry Month.

Easter Reflection: Feeding Multitudes

Two weeks ago, we celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus. During these last two weeks, the liturgy provided us with the stories of His interaction with His disciples after the Resurrection: Mary at the tomb, the disciples behind locked doors, the disciples on the road...

This Easter Season, Share Your Abundance

Sometimes, helping others means starting a nonprofit or teaching students everyday for thirty-five years. But, what would our world look like if helping simply meant passing on stuff that you don’t want or need anymore? Dominican Sister of Hope Joann Boneski, OP knows...

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