Stepping into Spring:

An Embodied Spirituality Podcast

What wisdom does Earth beckon us to receive during the Spring Equinox?

On the Spring Equinox, we experience equal hours of daylight and darkness. What wisdom does Earth beckon us to receive during this moment, one of the two times of year when Earth’s axis is tilted neither toward nor away from the sun, resulting in a nearly equal amount of daylight and darkness at all latitudes? We’re exploring this via our seven-episode podcast, Stepping into Spring: an Embodied Spirituality Podcast. Beginning on the Spring Equinox (March 20, 2021), we’ll release a 15-minute podcast each Saturday for seven weeks inviting you to take a walk, or move however you’re able, while you listen.

Unlike other podcasts, this is not just an audio clip to listen to while you cook, clean, drive, etc., but an actual meditation to focus on with your whole body. What does it mean to have a body and not just be, as Jon Collins says, a brain on a stick? What does it mean to bear witness to the gifts of our spiritual world in this moment? We’ll explore this and more with our seven presenters and accompanying weekly Zoom sessions.

We hope you’ll join us for the journey, and that you’ll invite friends near and far to join you virtually as you take a walk, or embrace movement of some kind, together.

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Episode Seven: Crossing Paths

Zach Johnson reflects on spring in Minneapolis in 2021, and invites listeners to reflect on their own homes.

Episode Six: Walking with Hope

Eddie Gonzalez invites listeners to go outdoors and reflect on hope.

Episode Five: Coming Home to Ourselves, to Beauty

Claire Deshotels invites listeners to come home to themselves, to immerse their bodies in —and really feel— the beauty of the natural world.

Episode Four: the Miracle of Presence

Terry J. Washington invites listeners to take a walk, and offers a meditation on presence.

Episode Three: Interconnectedness

Kimberley Gordy invites listeners to take a walk barefoot, and offers a meditation on interconnectedness.

Episode Two: Trust

Marianna Cardozo invites listeners to take a walk, and offers a meditation on trust.

Episode One: Intro + Lux

Gina Ciliberto from the Dominican Sisters of Hope sets the scene for the podcast, invites listeners to take a walk, and offers a brief meditation on light.

Podcast Presenters:

Marianna Cardozo,

Social Worker/Personal Trainer/Health Coach


Kimberley Gordy

Master of Divinity student at Union Theological Seminary


Terry J. Washington

Community minister at Judson Memorial Church in Greenwich Village,

Master of Divinity student at Drew University Graduate School of Theology


Claire Deshotels

Master of Divinity student at Loyola University Chicago


Eddie Gonzalez

Associate Director, Civil Conversations and Social Healing, On Being

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We’d be remiss if we offered a podcast without an option for community. Beginning on Thursday, April 1, we’ll offer optional weekly Zoom sessions. Come to meet that week’s presenter and for fellowship with other listeners.

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